mine this meadow, mine this dawn

more moments merely dreamt of, fewer futures feared lost forever

always arriving
in a state of constant departure
while always arriving,
that's the quote

another like this
is a carousel, up and down
and around

mine this memory, mine this timing
is the secret to comedy

always like this
a life spent
looking for nothing more than to learn what to look for
and find what to keep and to keep it real and true and deep
but not too deep

to learn
the history of humanity in ten bullet points, how to laugh
or what my music means about me while i'm listening
to a song called "tyrants" from an album called in the future

and thinking about this

thinking about this fate
but not too hard

mine this music, mine this truth

uncertain, staring at the sunrise
early morning in my mind
a hazy light slanting between trees
a bicycle smiles by
a gliding face, a gilded place
and not-so cold

mine this meadow, mine this dawn
mine this idyll moment

i made it

i made it mine
and i wonder what makes me want to
make everything mine


photo credit: Siggav



there are a lot of things i want to say to you right now
a lot
of things

i want to make music for you

is one

two is totally about another thing
another thing i want to do

there was this time and this other time
when you should've been there

there meaning here

and i thought you were
you were

because i thought you were

meaning here

meaning more than here

meaning this

this is this

this meaning this
this meaning more than

only more when you see
suddenly so