i want to write a poem that starts with the word
vortex and have it end up being a story about how
i feel all this love but also a study of why still
so much sadness

vortex may not be the word i want to use though,
really, since it means something that resembles
a whirlpool according to the dictionary, and though i
really believed all this time it means a place of great energy
and mystery, what do i know compared to the forces of

so what are the words that mean the most to you
becomes a part of the story too,
and what do they mean when you mean them
some other way?

and so we go down the vortex mute or mumbling,
imagining stumbling together toward

and the reason why still so much sadness is because
you see
sadness never ends, and the meaning of all this love is
you see
you've found someone to share your sadness with

photo credit: pyriet