people have come to this blog. strangers, most. most stay for less than five seconds. most have come because of this post. and most of the rest come because of this one.

three-thousand three-hundred thirty three. a lot of folks. someone from the Islamic Republic of Iran yesterday clicked a link that brought them here. what a time to be alive.

3333. what kind of a year will that be? seems like a long ways in the future. and yet, would someone from 700ish A.D. be so dumbstruck by our world, as we live today? what, in all of that time, has changed so much? sure, there are all the conveniences (contrivances?) of our technologically badass society. and yet, we still live in communities, still seek love, still fight wars, still are humbled by our own smallness, still search for answers that will never come, tell stories and work each day, eat and have sex and create new generations...

visions of the future always seem so foreign. still, while the world may change, and while we may reshape the world with our uncaring hubris and even destroy our place in it, humans will never change. all the good, all the bad, all the middle... as history has grown, as knowledge has expanded, as progress has been made... so too have the meaningful things become muddled, the important things become distant, the least valuable things given a price and the most valuable things deemed mysterious and unattainable...

anyway, thanks for stopping by. this blog is just an elaborate way for me to say hello.



make believe tomorrow

need to get out the country
do something new
listen to Phish again
in a few days you

feeling restless
like it's all falling into place
kind of like the paradox of time travelers
in the past create themselves who

make believe a bright light see it
make believe nothing too

meantime some seagulls all standing
in a circle in a culdesac
silent as the next
kicks a pebble stops to think
of flying to

but how far when
tomorrow it may be nice here
to stand in a circle warm asphalt
underfoot again
and to fly
and to wonder

and to wonder
is this poem about birds or feelings?

don't know what this is
or don't want to say

maybe both

maybe it's about traveling
through time
or how to make believe