funny animal group names

an ostentation of peacocks.
a shrewdness of apes.
a rhumba of rattlesnakes.
a mustering of storks.
a pandemonium of parrots.
a venue of vultures.
a smack of jellyfish.
a coalition of cheetahs.
a wisdom of wombats.
a business of ferrets.
a bloat of hippopotami.
an unkindness of ravens.
a parliament of owls.
a tower of giraffes.
a convocation of eagles.
a destruction of wildcats.
an ambush of tigers.
a mob of emus.
a crash of rhinoceroses.
an exultation of skylarks.
an implausibility of gnus.



smackofjellyfish said...

a walk of snails...

mexi melt said...

who would win in a race between a snail and a turtle? on pavement of course.

ismateo said...

if the snail was on the back of another turtle, then the snail.

but the real winner would be, as always, America.

Anonymous said...

An army of catapillers