the autumn days

the autumn days are coming, the time to
find a hoodie and a coffee cup, keep an open
invitation to dinner and drinks because dark
sooner than light, light eliding like fog surrounds
the city, the folk alive in mist and whispers, ninjas
and crooks and nannies and perceptions of the hardcore
avoiders of fate, mumblers who'll wait for the past
before believing tomorrow lies, all sit around
saying "can i borrow your disguise?"

the autumn days are coming, do you want
to listen to every theoretically present person
share again such wonderful insight at full length
when you are perhaps only hungry for perfect
humorous doom? superheroes and the criminal
underworld excessively engaging as a motif,
the ability of society to wear a costume
and fool itself into functioning happily
as a democracy will repeatedly do

the autumn days are coming, the time for
sleeping under a tree and dreaming of the
tale you would tell buddha if you met him
at your local where you'll meet friends later
and watch the game, what would you say
would he laugh i would think so but it would
have to be a good story and in your dream
it is


1 comment:

Saleema said...

well, no more insight for you. hrumph.

(i do like your poem, though.)