the best way to get to California

There's always somebody knows where you're at. Knows where and why. For the most part.
Are you talkin about God?
No. I'm talkin about you.
She ate. Well, she said. You'd be in a fix if you didnt know where you was at.
I dont know. Would you?
I dont know.
Suppose you was someplace that you didnt know where it was. The real thing you wouldnt know was where someplace else was. Or how far it was. It wouldnt change nothin about where you was at.
She thought about that. I try not to think about stuff like that, she said.
You think when you get to California you'll kind of start over.
Them's my intentions.
I think maybe that's the point. There's a road goin to California and there's one comin back. But the best way would be just to show up there.
Show up there.
You mean and not know how you got there?
Yeah. And not know how you got there.
I dont know how you'd do that.
I dont either. That's the point.
She ate. She looked around. Can I get some coffee? she said.
- Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men, pp. 226-7


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doe said...

um, wow. that was seriously rad. i'm going to print that and hang it at my desk.