birdland revealed

unaccustomed to seeing so many pelicans soaring so high above the bridge,
the staring bicyclist swerves into a pedestrian and falls. motorists brake, heads turn,
a windy day.

the sudden sun, the glitter of the sea, the city far and built.

talking to a pillow near a lamp, the phone balanced on an ear, mumbling some,
making sense, sensing this, sensing the occurrence
of time, the long life of a late night past.
the door opens
and closes, the window lifted just enough for a breeze.
a cat in the street.

purposefully imagining a rollercoaster while trying to shampoo,
while trying to lather, rinse, repeat. listening to jazz music,
keeping music in mind.

this shared such-and-such, this smile. resist it, resist every last word,
resist the lie, resist when you wonder whether you'd rather be invisible
or fly.


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