that's how you say hello in esperanto. saluton. i like it. thank you is dankon. and cheers is... okay, i don't know what cheers is. wikipedia doesn't say. i guess cheers in esperanto is just ... "cheers". i always said that hello, thank you and cheers were the three most importante phrases to know in any language. or, the only three phrases that you really had to know to get by. hello, thank you, cheers.

this is true. i think.

did you know that William Shatner made a horror movie with dialogue entirely in esperanto? did you? well, it's true.

tonite i lost at poker, first one out. played some katamari, a great game -- you just pick up shit. roll around, pick up cows and cars and trees and tractors and relaxing dudes and windmills and giant octopi. good fun.

the Budos Band is good.

hey, you should get pando. yes, you. seriously. get it and tell me you've got it. then, when i hear an album i really like, i can email it to you. not email in the conventional sense. no, i can "pando" it to you -- alert you to this shared-file opportunity and then share it, via pando. and in the same way, you can pando shit to me. not just music. whatever files you might like to send my way. anyway, do it. it's fun. i even know of a pando group where people share music, via my friend Saleema, if you want to get in on that, too. pandorama!

John From Cincinnati sucks and Flight of the Conchords rules. doy.

my Netflix queue is all weird.

i want to go back to Southeast Asia. or elsewhere. why not? what's so great about here, besides beer and baseball and pando and my bed that i sleep late in? and my friends, jerks and sweethearts that they are.

stupid money. stupid life, here we are.

gisla revido means goodbye. and forfikigu means fuck you.



La Lernanto said...


En Esperanto, "cheers" estas "je via sano"


S.F.C.H.U.D. said...

if you do stay here for beer, be sure to ask for it correctly:

"I would like a [one] beer, please: Unu bieron, mi petas. /ˈ bi.ˈe.ron mi ˈpe.tas/"

saleema said...

Saleema is cool. I mean, Matt referencing Saleema is cool. I mean, humility will get you far in life.

je via sano to your blog!