the sound of everything

turning and turning
over every morning
don't want to wake up today

went to the market bought
a seaside vista, a poem from a blog,
some muscles and some fun

bought a lot with the cash dad
gave me, saw a suit and a smile
not for sale because what price
would it be to wear it like that?

of course no one can
sound the same in a casino after
six vodka shots, no one can
throw dice in the shadow of an
erupting volcano and not shout

forget it

forget freedom from the music made
by man, freedom from the future
past present presented by tomorrow
when you sleep, you sleep alone

when you sleep, the alarm is not
the same as the doorway in the sand,
the water in the sky when it falls,
the wisdom of the ancient mothers

and the sound of everything
all at once


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Pisces Iscariot said...

Intriguing - I like it!