to the center of

the almost boy smiling at the sky
the cosmic ray from the center of
his heart to the center of
the sun to the center of
all things
at everything
he can almost see
the center of

the everywhere machine eating the heart of
the earth every day
eating the sky with its smell of
nevermore its cries of just once

the center of the emptiness erupting
with love
never was the thing she wanted

the all-around girl smiling at the sky
the everywhere machine all around her
crumbling to dust clones
all alone with a camera
and a phone

it's not anger or dread silent dread
it's not hope or hopelessness
or ferociousness
she once felt but no longer
not the acceptance of the universe
she seeks not the center of
every moment she misses
not what she believes

she wants to know the way
to the center of a sunset
to the center of a sound
to the center of her senses
to the center of unbound


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