out the subway at 14th and 1st. no gloves yet. Magic Hat. salsa talk. Vusi. sofa bed. morning at Joe's. village walk. crowded rock. Miró. the way things go. Van Gogh. redhead. found wings. sister in Walnut Creek. cold in Queens. breakfast at 3pm. snow. pizza. show. unite! love. highly suspicious. late night. feels like zero. haven't thought about that in years. counterintuitive. 2/2/05. breakdown. the last one ever. what are you doing here. stand by me. what if i said. down chick. football. food network. aggressive and crisp. it's too far. Thai on a tray. donuts. decisions. pumpkin and marble. in a bank. in the park. empty trees. no time. why? The Wrestler. sprouts and spaghetti and merguez. delish. where to. check your coat. $17. bagels. like a local. City of Ember. Mac and Charlie and Dennis and Dee. a busride, a burrito and the Chargers won. surprise.


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