nobody likes a sleepyface

someone so insomniacal
sullen and bleary, befuddled by noise and scents
they deem all action too intense
conversation confounding with humor
they do not want to laugh
the sun is too bright
these clothes don't fit right
and their back and their neck

nobody likes a sleepyface
because where is their mind

what to do, what to do
misery they look it
they cannot think of one thing
except to touch their head
and close their eyes



Skylark said...

Wow. This is really good.
I really like the end of the first stanza and the beginning of the second and how they compliment each other so... I don't know, just so ... well!

Have you ever published your poems in like literary magazine or journal, or something similar?

ismateo said...

hi there Skylark, thank you for your kind words. i haven't ever been published in anything besides online literary journals, so i guess it doesn't truly count as being published? hmm.

anyhow, you can find some more of my work (from a few years ago now) at EastVillagePoetry.

thanks for stopping by. :)

Skylark said...

You should check Poet Lore magazine out.
I think you're work should be seen by more people.

I've considered submitting to poet lore myself (I met one of the editors - E. Ethelbert Miller randomly in DC one day and he told me about it) and I think I probably will someday... when I get around to it!