the last ten movies i've watched on netflix

The Ten - not funny at all and i fell asleep (one star)
Sunshine - ridiculous and retarded (one star)
Superbad - McLovin what! (five stars)
Ratatouille - Patatoswaltouille. (four stars)
Shoot 'Em Up - give 'em the ole carrot to the eyeball. (three stars)
Ghosts of Cite Soleil - is being an ├╝ber-violent thug in Haiti supposed to be cool? (three stars)
Futurama the Movie: Bender's Big Score - still Futurama, only less so. (two stars)
Safe Men - quirky with a capital irky (two stars)
First Snow - he dies, or is he just hibernating? get it? zzzzzzzzz. (one star)
Hot Rod - cool beans. (three stars)

yeah, so this has not been a real tremendo stretch of filmosity: an average rating of 2.5 for december-january. yucko. and hey, Sicko has been sitting there at the top of my queue -- under "very long wait" -- the whole time.

hopefully the recently released Conan the Barbarian (with Arnold commentary!) will ship soon. yeah, that's what i'm talking about!



burgandy zephyr ambush predator said...

It's funny,despite the fact that Sunshine was overblown and stoopid, I still would give it 3 out of 5. Something about it I liked.

did you see King of Kong? hot shit.

ismateo said...

King of Kong! is in the queue! near the top! i am excited! excited be i!