sort of juxtaposed

somehow we are so certain
of so many one thing, somewhere
somehow sort of juxtaposed
when we dream and describe it

when we wake to our shaking selves
helpless with laughter in the quiet cold
cold and quiet and about to begin
to believe in the best of no more
beyond compare

but there
there i want to be
alive and asleep in a hotel big bed
out on a balcony screaming
but why?

and yet i want to be

without knowing why
i could sit forever i should
i would stack chairs stack
chairs all day perfect all
day every

but why would i?

and i'd be smiling

about to begin to believe
in the every of everything we talk about
the every that is floating
the every that is light
whatever it is however
it is
and isn't the way the thought arrives like any other
like any other

photo credit: Jeff Kerr

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