soul music after midnight

these days
professional sports is very interesting
these days
some people get rich and others eat shit and die

try not to think about it
a complicated thing made simple
the way you look tonight
the rain
the puddles in your voice
don't want to end up too far away
running my fingers through my
springtime for sure
too far away don't want to fight
like a midnight text message
like a ray of sunlight
an eclipse

what's in the news is of no
what's in the past
where's my coffee memories the taste of
don't want to get too close
the smell of garlic, the sizzle
makes no
fuck and every other word when i laugh
somewhere between the horizon and a hangover
but quiet
because of the black mirror
because of that jacket
that soul song
soul music after midnight

seek and ye shall
so far so
they say who
did what found what did who
these days


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