today should be a national holiday

tomorrow too. for serious.

so my Final Four picks are Kansas, Louisville, Xavier and Memphis. Kansas v. Memphis in the final, with the Jayhawks winning it all. so: goooooooooooooo... er, Kansas? well, that's what it says here, so i guess i'll just go with it.

while we're here, here's reason #112 to vote for Obama: he filled out a bracket and Hillary didn't. (a Barack-et!) yeah, she had to "consult with" her husband, who (through a spokesperson) took a pass on making any picks. which is just so lame ass, on both their parts, for a variety of reasons. even McCain did one. McCain. i like to imagine him wearing a leather vest and hanging by his one good arm from a helicopter as it lifts him to safety after foiling some international super-villain's criminal plot, even though he's all old he's still smirking holding a knife between his teeth, and this evil mastermind is down below clenching his fist and yelling "McCaaaaaiiiiiiiin!!!!" all pissed. yeah, that cracks me up. serious, i am sitting here laughing.

Ol' 'bama's picks were pretty lame, though, gotta say. no real upsets in there. and he and McCain both picked UNC to win it. go figs.

hey, wouldn't that be a great mascot? the figs. the fighting figs. go fighting figs! and a giant fig newton for the mascot. serious, who wouldn't want to have a fig newton as their team's mascot? with a fierce expression on its flat figgy face: the fighting figs.

i'm not even joking. i actually honestly think this is a good idea. maybe even a great idea. or maybe i'm just giddy because it's tournament time. maybe i've been infected with the madness that happens only in march! whatever. the fighting figs will destroy you! McCaaaaaiiiiiiiin!!!!


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SarahRosebud3 said...

Eww! I hate Fig Newtons. Damnit McCaiiin!!!!